Bees honey and perfume sensory set “EXPERIENCE LITHUANIA”


Creators of authentic Lithuanian honey, perfumery and art united for the “Experience Lithuania” project. Discover and experience Lithuania with all your senses – taste, inhale, look and touch!

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“Experience Lithuania” is a sensory synergy of taste, smell and sight, which commemorates the beauty of Lithuania and evokes memories of Lithuania.

In the set you will find:

  • 6 jars of 40 g of Lithuanian honey collected in the Šerkšnas family Apiary. Honey is enriched with rich flavors of berries and herbs.
  • “Experience Lithuania” home fragrance – a 10 ml bottle of perfume intended for perfuming the environment and textiles. Perfume “Experience Lithuania” welcomes you with a sunny note of meadows, flower nectar and honey. At the heart of the fragrance, the aroma of cut grass and forest intertwine with a soft note of spices. Our mind goes into a frenzy filled with soft flowers, herbs, balsamic wood aroma and hum of bees. Suddenly, a downpour begins, washing away the pollen and clearing the air. The base note of the fragrance reveals a fresh aroma of dewy flowers.
  • “Lithuanian Meadow” postcard for getting to know the aroma, which after soaking in perfume, the breath of the country’s fields can accompany the pages of the books being read or be sent to the farthest corner of the world. The author of the postcard is the artist Ieva Tumonė.

“Experience Lithuania” sensory box can be the warmest present from Lithuania.

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