About us

“Šerkšno Medus” began as a honey-making hobby for several people and grew to become an integral part of the Šerkšnas’ family business and life. The beekeeping story began in 1982, when Jurgis and Regina Šerkšnas bought their first hive.


Up until that time, Regina had studied beekeeping at I. Mičiūrino Agricultural Technical School in Kaunas. After she completed her studies, she worked at the Lithuanian Agricultural Research Institute at the apiary in Dotnuva. After that, in 1978, she began to take care of bees at a collective farm. Once collective farms were dissolved, she acquired a portion of the apiary, and with her husband, continued to raise bees in Raseiniai.


At this time, nearly 346 bee families are being tended to by the family and staff. Honey production continues to increase, and thanks to funding from the European Union, the production facility has been updated and modern equipment has been purchased including: new honey extractors, uncapping machines, packaging, and labelling machines.


By upgrading, our goal was to obtain the Certificate of Quality. This certificate is issued to companies that utilize special farming and/or production techniques, which make them distinct. Šerkšno Medus bees are only treated with ecological medications, the hives are wooden, the location of the apiaries adheres to the NKP „National Quality Product” requirements, and the extraction techniques meet EU standards.


In order to offer useful services to other beekeepers, a bee bread threshing machine and dryer were purchased, and for clients with distinct tastes, honey is being produced with freeze-dried products only grown on Lithuanian farms.

Cream honey is another new addition to our product line. This is produced using modern cream honey production technology which creates a truly unique consistency.


The bees work for us and we work for them, and that is why we give special attention to those who can’t imagine their business without unique, natural bee products.

Now we just need to get acquainted!

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