Natural wax candle “Firewood”

1020 g


Totally exclusive. This is a candle that you can’t take your eyes off of. Natural in every sense: it reproduces the shapes, hollows and cracks of firewood, and is made from 1 KILOGRAM of beeswax. Such powerful candles will be enough for more than one cozy gathering of friends or family. A candle will decorate your homestead or create coziness in autumn evenings.

All candles we make are available in a variety of colors. Shades depend on the color of the wax. It is advisable to keep the candles away from direct sunlight as it may change color. Ultra-thin and long candles can bend slightly in the heat.

It is advisable to light a natural wax candle, which has a little propolis, when you have the flu, runny nose or cough. Even better if extra propolis is added to the wax candle.

Height 20 cm
Weight 1020 g
Diameter at widest point 10 cm

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