Natural wax candle “Cylinder wide medium”

230 g


A family of cylinder candles. Just like people: a candle is beautiful alone, it is so unique in its color, shape, smell, but together they look harmonious.

Friendly advice: burn the natural wax candles one at a time, and if you want them all at the same time, then make larger distances between the candles. Otherwise, they will burn unevenly and drip.

All candles we make are available in a variety of colors. Shades depend on the color of the wax. It is advisable to keep the candles away from direct sunlight as it may change color. Ultra-thin and long candles can bend slightly in the heat.

It is advisable to light a natural wax candle, which has a little propolis, when you have the flu, runny nose or cough. Even better if extra propolis is added to the wax candle.

Height 9 cm
Weight 230 g
Diameter at widest point 6,5 cm

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