Honeycomb (Black cardboard case, ± 2 kg.)

2 kg


For those who see benefits in all natural products – honey and wax, in one! Honey in a honeycomb is one of the most original gifts. We have created a package for the honeycomb that is very convenient for gifting and transportation. Honeycomb is loved by children. It is the healthiest chewing gum.

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This is probably the most unique, ready-to-eat bee product straight from the hive. It contains more carotene than carrots. Slow and prolonged chewing of the honeycomb affects the airways, vitamins are absorbed through the oral mucosa, and swallowed wax cleanses the intestinal wall and regulates digestion. Honeycomb wax improves the secretion of saliva and gastric juice, disinfects and strengthens the gums – it is a natural product for the prevention of periodontitis.

The weight of the honeycomb can vary by ± 200 g.

Honeycomb dimensions:
Length 48 cm
Height 15,2 cm
Box with a handle 25 cm
Thickness 4 cm

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