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Worth knowing!
• Honey is often classified by the plant, that it was collected from, species. However, it is not entirely correct. While working, bees collect nectar from plants that are within 5 km. from their hive. That’s why honey usually is made from multiple plants, such as linde, buckwheat, clover nectar. Such as our product.
• Honey contains the ability to crystalize, to get even thicker. That is natural process and it does not affect quality of the product. If there is a white crust of glucose on top of it – it is a sign of good honey. Artificial or heated honey do not get any thicker.
• Honey is probably the only food product on planet Earth that does not spoil!
• It is strongly advised to keep the honey in a glass container, at room temperature, in some dark place. If you keep honey in wet area, make sure to tightly close the vessel.
• You don’t have to use honey only for eating or cooking. You can use it for compresses, face masks, massage or even in a bathhouse.

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